Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Goes on the Record to Say "There's No Plans For PLANET HULK Anytime Soon"

Today has quickly turned into damage control for all Planet Hulk movie rumors. First Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn debunked it, now Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has debunked it too.

When asked (by about the continuous Planet Hulk rumors that has been around for nearly a year now, Feige laughed at its mention because the film would be all about the Hulk and not have much Bruce Banner in it at all.

"Well that's why there are no plans for Planet Hulk anytime soon. 
"I think what's cool about the Planet Hulk story is it's all Hulk. He's a gladiator, he's fighting all these creatures on another world. Yes, some of those creatures show up in [Guardians of the Galaxy], which makes people think, 'Oh, maybe it could exist.' And maybe it could exist, someday. I don't think that's the first place we would go though for the very reason that you stated, which is, if we were ever able to do a standalone Hulk movie, 60 percent of the fun would be seeing Mark Ruffalo leading a Marvel movie — and that's what we would do if we ever went down that road."

However, and IGN says this in there post too, it needs to be noted how Marvel Studios could always adapt pieces-parts of the Planet Hulk comic book story arc into a future movie. Hulk becoming a threat on Earth and being sent into space is an intriguing story arc of Planet Hulk, which could easily be adapted into a highly interesting movie plot line.

In the meantime, it seems pretty official that a full blown Planet Hulk movie or even a team-up Planet Hulk and Guardians of the Galaxy sequel are not a part of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.