Comic-Con 2014: Marvel Debuts Animation Test Footage For Upcoming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY TV Series

For about a year now, there have been rumors circling the web claiming Marvel was working on developing a Guardians of the Galaxy animation series for their block of animation on Disney XD. At their animation panel at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International, Marvel confirmed this by showing (twice) an animation test for the new series.

Here's what was shown:

It was a 60-second clip that opened to a futuristic city in the rain. The city itself was brightly colored with lots of neon. Then cut to Rocket Raccoon running away from a robot drone that was shooting at Rocket. The furry hero jumps off a skyscraper, sticks his landing and instantly turns while powering up his guns. Rocket proceeds to blast the drone. 
After it's destroyed, Star-Lord screams, "Hey fuzzy!" at him and follows with the line, "If we're hanging out, you're gonna need bigger blasters." [Paraphrased.]
The scene closes out with a fade to the Guardians of the Galaxy logo.

There's no word on when this series will come out. Most likely in 2015.

Editor Note: The above image is NOT for the new Guardians series and it is from the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. Also, there was a request to not talk about the Guardians test footage but when SuperHeroHype posted about it, I figured to post about it as well since it really isn't revealing much. It is only test footage anyway.