CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Exclusive! First Look at Freezer Burn Cleveland Art

When Captain America: The Winter Soldier was filming last spring/summer it was done so under the working title 'Freezer Burn.' Filmed in Los Angeles, Cleveland and Washington D.C., the sequel was both a critical and box office success. It's Marvel Studios' ninth hit in a row and it's the studio's third highest grossing film worldwide with over $713 million in ticket sales.

Fans should know all of that by now. What they may not know is that a Freezer Burn Cleveland poster was made for the production. The Daily SuperHero was anonymously emailed the above art poster (or whatever it really is) and it's unknown if this was something officially made by Marvel, if it will eventually be available to buy, or simply drawn up by a fan.

Regardless, it is really cool and now you can see it here for the very first time! (After some Google Image searching, this image was not found.)

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