Tuesday, May 6, 2014

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Spoiler Alert: Cut End Credits Scene Revealed

Spoiler alerts for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after the image. You've been warned.

A couple months back a rumor hit the Internet claiming that there would be an end credits scene for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Since the film is now in theaters the end credits scene was non-existent. Apparently, it got left on the editing room floor with a ton of other scenes. (See link at the end of this post for all those other cut scenes.)

But according to Movie Pilot, the rumored scene is now confirmed. The man in the hat—from the end credits scene of The Amazing Spider-Man—is Gustav Feirs, a.k.a. The Gentleman from the novels who puts together the Sinister Six villain team, is seen in the restricted area of OsCorp where all their weapon creations are stored. In the background you are see a frozen head in a jar. When you zoom in on the head it's the head of a deceased Norman Osborn. 

Whoa! Check it out on the below images.

The website Screen Rant details this scene a bit more and cites that the Venom symbiote was also scene in this cut scene.

"According to all sources, the original post-credits scene followed Mr. Fiers as he strolled through Oscorp’s secret level – likely the same scene which featured the writhing ball of black liquid some identified as the Venom symbiote – and approached the disembodied, frozen head. With a quiet 'wake up, old friend,' the scene comes to a close."

Check out the image of the Venom symbiote.

Seems like Sony really, really needs to consider releasing a director's cut of the sequel including this end credits scene along all the others that were cut out too.