Tuesday, April 29, 2014

STAR WARS EPISODE VII Editorial: Skywalker Family Story Speculated to Continue With Hero and Villain Being Related

The main cast is finally confirmed. Next up, is to see them in costume on set of Star Wars Episode VII. Good luck with that because writer/director J.J. Abrams is so secretive he even built a huge wall around his Star Trek Into Darkness sets to keep prying eyes and cameras away.

Meanwhile, let's jump right into speculation as to who is a villain and who is a hero for the new Star Wars movie. Now that the Expanded Universe stories are no longer a part of Star Wars cannon, per Lucasfilm, this does not mean that characters from the Expanded Universe cannot be used in the new movies.

Perfect example of this is my (what should be obvious) speculation that Han and Leia Solo have children in Episode VII. Taking a cue from past Expanded Universe material, one is a boy named Jacen and the other a girl named Jaina.

Could Jaina Solo be the new trilogy's leading hero?
Previously, it was rumored that actor Adam Driver was to be the film's villain. He might be but as Jacen Solo, who has fallen to temptation and to the Dark Side of the Force. This allows for his sister Jaina, possibly played by Daisy Ridley, to take up a lightsaber (purple please) to learn the ways of The Force. In other words, she is this film's young and slightly immature version of a Luke Skywalker character, just as he was seen in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Jacen is on a rampage of hate for some reason or another, a.k.a. teen angst, and finds a hidden Sith holocron or a Dark Side user who takes Jacen under his tutelage. Now, Jacen is the new trilogy's villain since he is following the path of the Dark Side.

On the other hand, Jaina will be training to be a Jedi under none other than her uncle Luke Skywalker. (Pretty much the new trilogy's Obi Wan Kenobi mentor figure.) Being a part of the Skywalker bloodline, Jaina has the potential to be a powerful Jedi and therefore the leading character of the new Star Wars trilogy. This would explain why more female actors are not seen in the main cast of the film since the true leading character is indeed the female Jedi apprentice of Skywalker.

Toward the end of Episode VII Jacen kills his father Han. Then toward the end of Episode VIII he kills his uncle Luke making him even more of a tragic figure—cuing up a Luke Force ghost scenario in the final film of the trilogy—and a perfect candidate for redemption in Episode IX. Jacen is then saved by Jaina at the end of Episode IX and comes back to the Light Side of The Force. Jaina is therefore the one who saves the galaxy from the new Sith threat.

Fade to black. Roll credits. End.

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