Monday, April 28, 2014

JUSTICE LEAGUE Confirmed to be Coming After SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN; Rumored For May 2017 Release

While director Zack Snyder has been adding Batman, Wonder Woman and (most recently) Cyborg to his Man of Steel sequel cast, it has become evident that Warner Bros.' worst kept secret was a Justice League movie was coming very soon.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Warner's president of worldwide production Greg Silverman has officially confirmed a Justice League move is planned next.

“It will be a further expansion of this universe,” Silverman said. “’Superman vs. Batman’ will lead into ‘Justice League.’”

Another note to make is how Silverman called Synder's current film "Superman vs. Batman." This is now the fourth title the as-of-yet untitled Man of Steel sequel has had: Man of Steel 2, Batman vs. Superman and Superman-Batman have all come before. Obviously the current follow-up to Man of Steel still does not have an official title ... and really, really needs one already.

Shortly after The Wall Street Journal posted their exclusive on the confirmation of a Justice League movie, the website Latino-Review published a rumor report claiming they may know the release of Warner's ensemble hero film. The date is rumored to be on May 5, 2017 and one of The Hollywood Reporter's writers corroborated the rumored release date for Justice League as well. Also, it is rumored that Justice League will film back-to-back after Superman vs. Batman is finished shooting this summer.

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment appear to be bringing the battle to Disney and Marvel Studios' doorsteps as they have already moved Superman vs. Batman to release on May 6, 2014—which is currently pitted against Captain America 3—and now Justice League might release against another untitled Marvel Studios film that has already had a release date set for May 5, 2017. 

The gloves have come off and Warner seems ready to go toe-to-toe with Disney as their respective super hero franchises battle for box office supremacy. Stay tuned as more information will start hitting the news wires, and the rumor mill, now that Justice League is officially confirmed.