Wednesday, March 26, 2014

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Officially Confirmed to Set Up the SINISTER SIX Movie

A great villain makes for a great movie. Plus, who doesn't love a great bad guy? Whether it's Darth Vader, Jaws, Loki or any other pop culture villain icon, fans love some villainy.

Last year, Sony Pictures officially announced that they will take villainy to a whole new level when they announced a Sinister Six movie is in the works. Not too many super hero rogue's gallery can compare to Batman's but Spider-Man is very close.

From Doc Ock to Green Goblin to Venom to Kraven to Mysterio, the list goes on-and-on for Spidey's foes. And Sony is going to try and capitalize on many of them in a future ensemble villain film, Sinister Six.

What was previously unknown was if The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would set up a Sinister Six movie. Oviously some logic has said yes due to Green Goblin, Electro and Rhino being in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and now Sony executive Amy Pascal has confirmed it.

“At the tail end of [The Amazing Spider-Man 2] we set up some of the other characters that will probably end up being in the Sinister Six,” Sony Pictures co-chairman Pascal says to Entertainment Weekly, via “We’re going forward on all fronts.”

Long time Marvel movie producer Avi Arad also chimed in on the topic.

“Villains can be very entertaining,” Arad says to the magazine. “It’s not like somebody’s born and they’re a villain. Something happens and it changes their lives. Some people can deal with it — they become the heroes. Some people can’t and hate the world because of what they felt was done to them — they become the villains.” 

Bring on the baddies!