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Fox is really pushing the whole concept of thinking outside of the box for their reboot, The Fantastic Four. Meaning changing Johnny Storm's skin color and potentially changing up one of Marvel's most iconic villains, Dr. Doom. While changing Human Torch's skin color is not a big deal at all, The Hollywood Reporter says Dr. Doom might be changing genders.

Wait, wait, WAIT! You read that correctly. Fox is said to be considering Dr. Doom to be a female villain. Again, not a big deal but changing the gender of one of Marvel's most notorious villains will definitely shake up the fan base.

This needs to also be said that THR seemingly implies it is more of something they've heard, hence it should be considered rumor. Meanwhile, they also report that a big name actor is being sought after for the villainous role as well.

Moving on to casting updates. It is being reported that Michael B. Jordan is the only name attached to the reboot as Human Torch while actors Miles Teller is a front runner for Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic. Teller shouldn't be a surprise just like with Jordan's Human Torch since both have been rumored for the roles for months now. Also, reportedly testing for the role of Sue Storm / Invisible Woman are Kate Mara and Emmy Rossum. Finally, Josh Gad and Christian Cook have reportedly tested for Ben Grimm / The Thing.

The Fantastic Four is schedule to release in theaters on June 19, 2015 and is currently slated to begin filming in Baton Rouge at the end of March.