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It's getting harder and harder to keep up with all these rumors surrounding the still officially untitled Batman vs. Superman movie or Man of Steel sequel or (my personal suggestion for an official title) Man of Steel: Beware the Batman or whatever you like to call it right now.

Back in December it was rumored that Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa was being targeted for a role in Batman vs. Superman. Then, he was rumored to possibly be Aquaman. Now, per Badass Digest, is sounds like Momoa is, or maybe isn't who knows, up for the role of Aquaman but as a cameo to set up a possible Justice League movie.

"...[W]as recently told by a very, very trusted source that the role Jason Momoa was up for is definitely Aquaman, but it’s essentially a cameo setting up the next movie."

While the actor has gone on record to say it's all rumors, via IGN, this new report seems to imply he is either still up for the role or was up for it. (I am seriously not really sure since all these BvS rumors are all so confusing anymore. Ha.)

Stay tuned as officially confirmed information and news is surely to start hitting the web since Batman vs. the Man of Steel is set to start filming in just a couple of weeks in February.