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After Thor: The Dark World's mid-credits scene, the cat is out of the bag about Marvel Studios' plans in Phase 3. A film adaptation for the Infinity Gauntlet comic book story arc is coming.

But what's gonna happen after that? Especially since Tony Stark and Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. is only signed on for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers 3.

According to the website Unleash The Fanboy, they have a Disney source who told them post-Avengers 3 will bring about a new Avengers team. Literally, a New Avengers movie in Phase 4. For those who are not comic book readers, New Avengers is a book which was first published in 2005 and consisted of a new team of Earth's mightiest heroes.

Obviously if Downey is done with the role, Iron Man won't be a part of a New Avengers team. Also, since it would be a film adaptation of the comic team, new members would make up the roster. Just like how Marvel's Netflix version of The Defenders is no where close to the comic book roster of that team.

While nothing is going to be confirmed by Marvel for years and years, since Phase 3 movies still need to be officially announced, this has to be taken as rumor for now. However, the possibility of a new roster of Avengers heroes shouldn't be a shocker as Marvel Studios moves forward in expanding their cinematic universe.