Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Marvel Studios Has Interest in Johnny Depp For DOCTOR STRANGE But the Actor is on the Fence About it

Last night, a word hit the Internet stating Johnny Depp has met with Marvel Studios to be Doctor Strange in a solo movie sometime after Ant-Man is out in theaters, post-2015. While the 50-year-old actor is an obvious choice for this role, don't get too excited... for now.

Now this is not meant to debunk anything but The Daily SuperHero has been working on a bit of information regarding Marvel Studios' latest "want list of actors for future films" and I actually tweeted about this on Monday afternoon (click here to see the tweet and timestamp for proof). The only name told to me so far is that of Depp and since Latino-Review beat me to the punch on announcing this—I was trying to get further confirmation on the interest of Depp before publishing anything to ensure legitimacy—my insider would've been right and has now told me the interest in Depp is currently more one-sided than anything else. And my source never said anything about Doctor Strange, just that there is interest by Marvel.

While Latino-Review's post states that Marvel Studios is willing to re-write the Doctor Strange script to fit Depp's older age, the interest is more by Marvel than it is with Depp at this moment. Already attached to Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland franchise, my source says Depp might not want to commit to another long term franchise role that could take him well into his 60s.

So, to recap, as of right now yes Marvel likes Depp (who doesn't?!) but Depp is the one who is on the fence. Maybe something changes in the coming weeks or months because so much can change between now and down the road when Doctor Strange is closer to being green lit by the studio and ready for the casting process too. 

Finally, here's a tease, I do have a few names of actors that Marvel is throwing around. Again, I am trying to get further confirmation of these other names but Depp isn't the only one who the studio has on their "want list." Stay tuned.