Exclusive! BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Goes Under Heavier Security to Protect its Story and Potential Leaks

The one film making more rumor headlines across the Internet than any other single film right now has got to be Batman vs. Superman. The rumor mill has definitely been hard at work churning out pretty much anything and everything regarding the Man of Steel sequel.

Starting production in Detroit at the beginning of February, Batman vs. Superman has just undergone an enhancement in security. Per two of The Daily SuperHero's production sources, both whom are close to the project, this information has been provided in order to "set the record straight."

One source says "loose ends" with info leaks are being located and "rounded up" to prevent future leaks once production starts, when scripts are passed out and before the film releases. (Sounds like someone or a few might be fired.) Then, the other source mentioned that security has improved to the point where the production crew have been notified filming scripts will only be made available on a daily basis and only including scenes for that particular day.

Stay tuned as more (hopeful) info will be provided to The Daily SuperHero by one or both of these sources and a few on location visits to Detroit sets might be in store for me once the film starts filming, as well.