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Thursday is the day that Sony Pictures officially releases the first trailer for next year's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but the Russian version has leaked. The trailer leak is in Russian (of course) but courtesy of Comic Book Therapy (via CBM), here's the translation followed by the leaked trailer.

Peter: Once every morning I feel that the more I try to help people, the more enemies I gain. And sooner or later I will run into those who will be stronger than me.
Sorry I’m late…terrible traffic jam.
Gwen: So you also consider vertical racing as terrible traffic jam!?
Peter: Yes, yes, you’re so quick-witted!
Harry: Peter Parker!
Peter: Harry Osborn!
Harry: Look at this. Oscorp has been watching you.
Peter: Why?
Harry: Good question.
Peter: You’re hiding something from me Aunt May!
Aunt: I’ve told you that for all the secrets one will have to pay. And for the truth too.
Richard: My name is Richard Parker. I’ve realized how Oscorp intends to use my research. I have to stop them or the consequences will be irreversible.
Harry: What is this?
Father: The future.
Harry: We really can change the world. What will happen to Peter?
Norman: A happy ending isn’t awaiting all.
Gwen: It is stronger than you Peter.
Peter: I’ve made ​​a choice. This is my path.
Electro: Soon everyone in this town will know what it is like to live in my world, in a world where you are powerless, where there is no hope…in a world without Spider-Man.

Wow! It really looks like the new movie is taking some cues from several concepts of The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series from a few years ago and Oscorp is the source of all of Spider-Man's super villains. And that's not a bad thing at all. Finally, the Russian version of the film has the subtitle 'High Voltage' and with the Brazil release having the subtitle 'Rise of Electro' does this mean the U.S. release will get a subtitle too?

Stay tuned for Thursday for the high definition and official release of the trailer.