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April 4, 2014 is still several months away but that doesn't mean Marvel Studios and Hasbro are waiting to release their action figures for Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie line. Originally to be released near the beginning of February, the studio and toy manufacturer appear ready to release movie toys way early.

The Daily SuperHero has already visually confirmed the iconic shield of Captain America, from the sequel's toy release, have been hitting shelves at Toys R Us stores and now KMart has listed, with high resolution images, of the Marvel Legends 6-inch and the 3.75-inch Captain America 2 action figure toy line. The 6-inchers will retail for $19.99 and the 3.75-inch figures will sell for $9.99.

Check out the hi-res images of these figures below. (Click to enlarge them.)

UPDATE: Per my source, these should be arriving in one of the first post-holiday shipments from the toy manufacturer to retailers.