Is ULTRON's Creator in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Possibly the Infinity Soul Stone?

So the cat is out of the bag from the mid-credits scene after Thor: The Dark World. If you still don't know just stop reading now, go and see it, then come back and finish reading this post.

Things are building to an adapted movie version of the Infinity Gauntlet comic story line that is perhaps the most well-known event in Marvel comics history. The moment Benicio del Toro's Taneleer Tivan (The Collector) says "One down... five to go," the Marvel Cinematic Universe's path became much clearer.

But not to the point where fans and moviegoers know when the other Infinity Stones might appear in future Marvel Studios films. Guradians of the Galaxy will see an Infinity Stone appear as its MacGuffin and other theories are already circulating the Internet. The Daily SuperHero was contacted this past weekend by my Hollywood screenwriting insider who provided a pretty big piece of information about... the Soul Stone.

"I wanted to wait and share this info with you until after Thor 2 came out in the U.S. because it is about the newly revealed Infinity Stones. A contact of mine told me Joss Whedon may be using the Soul Stone to help create Ultron in Avengers 2."

And boom goes the dynamite!

But don't get too excited because the insider also said to take this info with a grain of salt because it was not made clear if this is from the current script draft of Avengers: Age of Ultron or an older and possibly discarded one. Regardless, this new bit of potential info brings a whole different set of theories to who is Ultron's creator. Especially when you read Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige's recent comment in an interview with

"As we go into Ultron clearly he does come out of technology, but we’re using all of our tools at our disposal that we’ve established so far as part of the MCU to build the storyline of 'Age of Ultron.'"

Let's take all of this into consideration and speculate for a moment. The obvious theory here is the Soul Stone somehow gives life to one of Tony Stark's armors—clearly Feige says Ultron comes from technology. The Soul gem is sentient in the comics. Sentient in a way that the gem wants to collect souls. Maybe the adapted movie version of the Soul Stone can also give a soul as well.

Whether this new info is true or not remains to be seen until more details are provided about Avengers: Age of Ultron. This is exactly why it should be considered just a rumor right now. But it's definitely worth sharing with Marvel fans everywhere. Let the new theories begin!