Rumor: Benedict Cumberbatch Cast in STAR WARS EPISODE VII?

Not often should a rumor get any aggregation or syndication when the source website has an Alexa web traffic ranking of over 10 million worldwide. Just so everyone knows, this is brutal honestly based on web traffic results and reporting ethics fact, so please don't think this post is a way to degrade a fellow website. In case you're not familiar with, it's a site that ranks sites based on web traffic and the lower the number the better the web traffic each site receives daily.

Moving on to this rumor... the website Film Chronicles has posted a rumor about Star Wars Episode VII stating that Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness actor Benedict Cumberbatch is rumored to be cast for a role in the new film. This is what the site wrote:

"There’s a lot of gossip swirling around that Lucasfilm are about to make a big casting announcement regarding Star Wars VII, and that casting announcement appears to be none-other than Benedict Cumberbatch, most recently seen in director JJ Abrams’ previous movie, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’."

Please, please, please take this information with a grain of salt since the source is not known well and doesn't receive much web traffic according to Alexa and Quantcast ranking systems. For a quick comparison, The Daily SuperHero's site has a current (rankings change daily based on new traffic received each day) Alexa ranking of 162,000 worldwide and a Quantcast U.S. ranking of 40,000.

UPDATE: The site Bleeding Cool has also picked up on this report and states that the source, Film Chronicles, is a more credible source than most know or believe them to be because they rarely report rumors and speculation.

Would Cumberbatch make a good Jedi or Sith in the new Star Wars trilogy? Of course he would because he is one of those actors who is ready to breakthrough and become a leading man and have his own movie franchise.

Yes, Cumberbatch is already attached to Star Trek and his Khan villain could be a recurring in the franchise but pairing up with Abrams again to be the lead in Star Wars might be the actor's next step in his career. That is unless Disney thinks he's a much better fit as Doctor Strange or another Marvel Studios character...