GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Set Construction For "Alien Spaceship Crash" Planned on U.K. Farm

Finally some production information is now available for Guardians of the Galaxy in the U.K.!

According to the Waverely Borough Counsil (via CBM), Marvel Studios is waiting for approval for an alien spaceship crash site on a U.K. farm.

"The natural slope of the land at Tilsey Farm, Horsham Road, (photographed below) has informed the decision to film in this area as it creates an appropriate back drop to the proposed alien spaceship crash scene. 
"The 'crash site' film set will be 75 metres by 75 metres and formed through the excavation of the soil to form an elongated 'crater,'" a portion reads. "The estimated range of depth of dig will be 0.5 meters to 1.75 meters, below field level. The associated 'prop' debris of the 'spaceship' will be positioned on the site. The special effects to be used on the filming day only, will stimulate the immediate aftermath of a crashed space ship. Effects will include: Ground Hits (Pyrotechnic charge), Black Smoke, LPG Fire, White Smoke, and Wind Machines..."

Production at this hopeful location is set for August 23 with set construction to begin as early as July 27. You can read the entire proposal for this location by clicking right here.

Guardians of the Galaxy mainly takes place in outer space with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige having said that only approximately five percent of the film taking place on Earth and the other 95 percent in outer space. This means that real locations may be far and few between while the production takes place on sound stages at Shepperton Studios.

Guardians releases in theaters on August 1, 2014.