Is Star Wars Episode VII coming out in December 2015 now that Disney has filled the summer with Avengers and Pirates sequels?

Back in early fall 2012, Disney and Marvel announced that The Avengers 2 will be released on May 1, 2015. Then at the end of October, Disney announced they purchased the Star Wars franchise and Lucasfilm to the world. Along with this news came another announcement saying that Star Wars Episode VII is coming out in summer 2015.

Now, Disney has announced that a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie will officially release in theaters on July 10, 2015.

So where does this leave Star Wars Episode VII?

There is no way that Disney would release a new Star Wars movie in June 2015 which will cut into both The Avengers 2 and Pirates 5's ticket sales. And a Episode VII release in August 2015 doesn't seem logical since that would really cut into Pirates 5's sales even more.

So let's pose the question again, when does Star Wars Episode VII come out?

After reaching out, via email, to two contacts in Hollywood it's sounding like Disney could be considering a holiday 2015 release for Episode VII. It has been proven time-and-time again by Peter Jackson and his Lord of the Rings franchise—and now his Hobbit franchise—that the holiday season is very profitable. And with two more Hobbit sequels coming out for the holiday seasons in 2013 and 2014, that leaves the door wide open for a possible Star Wars release in December 2015.

Nothing is official or confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm and this is just a theory since Disney has two set dates in summer 2015 for their biggest Marvel franchise and their nearly $4 billion Pirates franchise. Two giant tentpole franchise films two months apart from each other is a possible telling sign that Star Wars may not get a summer 2015 release as originally thought.

Maybe Disney releases Star Wars Episode VII in the summer still. We will all have to wait and see and you can bet Disney will announce a firm theaterical release date when they finally announce who will be directing Episode VII, which should be in the next few months.