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The Daily SuperHero originally launched on February 27, 2012 under the name 'SuperHero Authority.' It was re-branded on September 3, 2012 as a play off of comic book newspapers The Daily Bugle and The Daily Planet.

Starting in 2015, DailySuperHero.com began receiving full press credentials and access badges to the biggest conventions and events including: San Diego Comic-Con International, Disney's D23 Expo, New York Comic Con, Toy Fair New York, and Fan Expo (formerly Wizard World).



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Daniel is a former syndicated NFL and Cleveland Browns editor/writer and his past football reporting work has been seen on: ESPN, NFL.com, CBS Sports, USA Today, L.A. Times, Bleacher Report, Cleveland.com, and many other major sports news outlets. But in 2012, he had a change of heart and left sports to pursue his real passion of writing about the movie franchises he loves.

A graduate of Cleveland State University, Daniel has two Bachelor's degrees: one in journalism and one in film & digital media. He was a former editor-in-chief of CSU's campus newspaper, former NFL featured content manager for Bleacher Report and the former co-founder of the football news website National Football Authority, which had its branding acquired by Sports Authority back in 2012 before they filed for bankruptcy. He also works a full-time job as a proprietor of an Amazon Marketplace store, since 2007.

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