DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN Creative Upheaval to Bring New Writers On

might be Marvel Studios' most anticipated Disney+ series in the works right now, but now it might take longer for the series to debut on the streaming platform.

According to Deadline, the studio has moved on from the writers on the series even nearly half the episodes have already been filmed.

"Following a production pause in mid-June due to the writers’ strike, Marvel Studios’ is planning on bringing in new scribes and directors on the Charlie Cox series Daredevil: Born Again after determining the show wasn’t working, Deadline has confirmed.

"Head scribes Chris Ord and Matt Corman and episodic directors for the remainder of the series were let go. Corman and Ord will remain EPs on the two-season series. Daredevil, which first aired on Netflix, follows Cox as Matt Murdock, a blind attorney turned crimefighting superhero.

"Less than half of the series’ 18 episodes were shot. Marvel plans to keep some footage though the series will pivot from being a procedural show to having a more serialized focus."

Fans of the characters will have to wait longer now as Marvel Studios is obviously making these changes for the better of the series. In theory.