SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 17 Review: Deus Lex Machina

After a longer than normal hiatus due to the Coronavirus, Supergirl returns in a time when Hope is in short supply. The episode starts out 3 months after the Crisis on Infinite Earth. William, Supergirl, and J’onn arrive at the warehouse where the elderly Leviathan woman, Margot, is dead and Lex is the suspect. The police have invaded the area and all of the victims who were brought there claim that he saved them from her. Supergirl finds this unbelievable but there is also a video confession from the woman. 

Flashback to a day after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lex wakes up in his mansion. He is pleasantly surprised to find that he’s revered in this world and seen as a peacekeeper. The first thing he does is go to see his mother. He fills her in on the multiverse destruction and tells her the first thing he wants to do is destroy the Kryptonian. Lillian reminds him that going up against them was what led to his downfall and convinced him that being there for Lena and getting her to partner with him is what is more important. Crazy enough, Lillian isn’t completely wrong but this is Lex so of course he can’t just let it go. 

He convinces Lena to partner with him after he learns about Leviathan. He then uses the Legion of Superhero ship to get all the information about Leviathan so he can destroy them. He first finds Eve, who on this earth was forced to work for Leviathan as an assassin when they killed her father and threatened to kill her mother. In the middle of a mission, Lex finds her and gets her to trust him so she becomes a double agent. 

Eve is ridiculously easy to please. A month goes by and she is absolutely loyal to Lex. Especially when he shows her that she has agents protecting her mother’s house. She is now working at Obsidian platinum and tells him about the glitch which she can fix. Instead, Lex wants to use that “unfixable” glitch to get Gemma to come to him for help to cover up people who get stuck inside. This gains her trust and brings him closer into their circle. Diabolical? Absolutely. 

He uses this to manipulate the situation with Richard Bates, scorned husband, and Amy Sapphire who plans the VR for her husband's death. He positions them perfectly to cause trouble for Obsidian and leaving him to play savior to Andrea and more importantly, Gemma. 

Two months after his arrival at this new earth, Eve shows him where the people getting stuck in VR are being put by the elderly Leviathan lady aka Margot. Lex wants to continue creating problems for Obsidian so that they’ll soon come to light. He also claims that he has found the man that killed Eve’s father. She believes him without a doubt. She goes to kill him as Lex markets Obsidian Platinum all over the world. The man she kills is Jeremiah. This spirals the events of Alex turning to the VR for escape. 

At a press conference where Lex is being celebrated at Catco, Lena finds Kara and offers comforts about her father’s death. This makes Lex upset to see Lena and Kara becoming close so he pivots and plans to make Supergirl his main plan. Eve leads William to the empty warehouse and Richard Bates’ hospital room. He brings this to Kara, Alex, and Kelly. They quickly devise what’s going on with the users and want to put out an article. Eve has recorded them and Lex uses that video to show Gemma how her plan will unravel. He offers to fix it for her. 

Lex manipulates Brainy into telling Kara and the team that they can use Myriad in reverse to find the people stuck in the VR. She is unsure but thinks she has no choice. She goes to the Fortress. Lex makes sure Lena knows that Myriad is being used and sends an invisible Morae with her to follow her to the fortress. Kara and Lena get into an argument about using Myriad when Kara told her she couldn’t. Lena leaves but the Morae opens a door and Kara is attacked by a sun eater. 

Her team sees the sun eater going directly to the sun. M’gann arrives from Mars to help. With the help her, J’onn, and Supergirl, they stop the Sun Eater before it reaches the sun. Just like Lex wanted. M’gann learns that the Morae works for Leviathan. This leads Supergirl to believe this was all Leviathan. Lex claims that they should still team up to take down Leviathan. 

After the fact, Lex covers his tracks with Gemma and tells her he had to kill Margo so no one could track the trapped VR people to Leviathan or Obsidian. He convinces her that their main threat is Supergirl. Gemma tells him that she will kill Supergirl. Lex, with no need for pretense anymore, tells Eve that he doesn’t care about her, he’ll kill her mother if she betrays him, and he has a video of her killing Supergirl’s father. Yep a triple whammy. 

Lex is super evil and unfortunately super brilliant. He’s lined everything up for Supergirl and her friends to be killed by Leviathan. Lena is on his side and on top of that, Lex now knows where the fortress of solitude is. His plan will no doubt hit a snag soon when he realizes that he’s not strong enough to take on Leviathan by himself.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer