SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Dangerous Liaisons

Leviathan keeps growing and growing in this episode, but first Catco. Andrea is very excited about the worldwide release of her virtual reality contact lenses. She has all her departments in Catco pushing for the circulation of her ads. Tacky but sure. William is still playing the part of kiss ass to Andrea. Kara manages to speak with him privately about his undercover work on trying to expose the Rojas family. Kara gives William a lead as well as assisting him in his story. Alex allows Kara and William to observe as she interrogates the woman that Supergirl captured in Mexico and who tried to murder Elena. William loses his cool when the assassin tells him that she only meets with other contractors including a man with 4 arms. Kara gets him out of the room and he tells her that the man with 4 arms, called Rip Roar, murdered his best friend when he got suspicious of the Rojas family. Said man is currently breaking into Fort Summit and made off with a case. 

Meanwhile, Lena is still running tests on an unconscious Malefic to see if they can render him unable to hurt others. Their first test fails horribly when Malefic keeps Lena out of his brain. When he’s fully conscious, he tells her that he will let her access his mind if she can find a way to let him kill his brother without hurting himself. Lena agrees with little hesitation. No one is going to be quick to forgive her after this. Lena and Malefic join forces to test his abilities to incept so she can see the frequency of Q waves needed. 

Kara gets J’onn to look into the murder of William’s friend, Russel Rogers. While she’s with him, she gets an urgent message from the DEO. Brainy and Alex informs her that Rip Roar has stolen something from Lex’s items at Fort Summit. A marathon laser. They scan for the weapon but they’re also concerned about what it could be used for. Under Brainy’s suggestion, he takes on the tattoo so the girls can question him. Unfortunately, it gets them nowhere since everything is done anonymously. Rip Roar meets with the same woman who Eve met with. She tells him to use the marathon laser to change the world. 

Kara sneaks into Andrea’s office after dark to look for clues but William is there. She discreetly finds a secret hideout in the wall which they find is full of foreign currency and a picture with Andrea and William’s friend, Russell. They were apparently in a relationship and before William could meet her, he saw Rip Roar escape his home. That information should’ve definitely been shared. 

Kara leaves when Alex gets a location on the marathon laser. Supergirl finds Rip Roar and the laser at a satellite base, but she gets hit by the laser and is seriously injured. J’onn brings her back o the DEO and she recovers. J’onn tells her that he went to Russell’s apartment but found no proof that he died. 

They discover Rip Roar stole a fusion beam from the satellite base. Brainy manages to deduce that all of the assassins were sent after a Lake Vostok Base employee in Antarctica. They believe he wants to melt a large ice cap and release a flood. Supergirl and J’onn get there too late as soon there will be waves of epic proportions all along the pacific coast. They capture Rip Roar and work to seal the geyser he created. J’onn and Supergirl successfully create a whirlpool to invert the water from the geyser and freeze it. While Dreamer, in National City, protects the citizens who are all out of it while using the VR contacts by stopping the wave from hitting them. 

Back at the DEO, they’re still working on breaking Rip Roar, but his armor works as a mental block. In addition to that, Alex confirms it couldn’t have been the Rojas family because the wave would’ve destroyed their manufacturing hub. Oh, and they’ve identified Rip Roar and it turns out he is William’s friend Russell. Kara has the pleasure of telling him that his friend is not dead just turning into an assassin. There is a bittersweet relief there, but it did feel rather obvious that was the case. 

Lena is getting more and more psycho. On the positive, she didn’t remove Malefic’s mental block so he could kill his brother. However, she has managed to perfect the Q-waves and can control Malefic into being a more amiable captive. Lena is heading down the dark rabbit hole very fast. I have a feeling with Leviathan coming to Andrea, Lena will be their next recruit and at this rate, she may just join them. 

Kelly and Alex have some serious issues to work out. Kelly saw Alex nearly get crushed by a piece of a building. This brought some PTSD back from her fiance dying in war. Kelly doesn’t share this with Alex, though. She instead talks to Nia Nal who is surprisingly a good listener. They’re going need to work if this relationship is going to survive. 

The creepy Leviathan woman visits Andrea last. They tell her they need her to fix Rip Roar. Leviathan is definitely going to be the biggest threat this season especially when their motives are still unseen. With Supergirl’s smartest ally, Lena wavering to the side of evil, they’re going to have more trouble trying to control this super evil group.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer