They Got the Son of a Bitch: Stan Lee's Former Manager and Caretaker Arrested

Last week news hit stating how a warrant for the arrest of Stan Lee's former manager and caretaker was issued. Today, authorities in Arizona got the son of a bitch!

Via THR:

"The former business manager for the late Stan Lee was arrested in Arizona on Saturday on suspicion of elder abuse, among other charges, which were filed in Los Angeles, Mike Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department told The Hollywood Reporter.

"Keya Morgan, aka Keyarash Mazhari, was charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office earlier this month with multiple counts related to elder abuse connected to Lee, including alleged felony false imprisonment.

"Morgan is also accused of taking more than $262,000 from Lee’s autograph signing sessions, police said.

"The elder abuse investigation began in March 2018.

"Police accused Morgan of making the 95-year-old Lee believe he was in danger (in his home) and that he needed to be moved to a secure location (that Morgan controlled).

"Morgan's bail is set at $300,000. Morgan is awaiting extradition back to L.A."

Let's all hope that the Justice system makes this pile of shit person pay for taking advantage of Stan Lee in his later years. Also, Karma probably wants to have a few words with him, too.

Hopefully, when all this is in the past, Stan can finally rest in absolute peace.

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