Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Rock Teases DC Role Again; Could He Be DARKSEID in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN and/or JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been busy teasing his future role in the DC Cinematic Universe over the past few months. Many, including myself, have thought he has been teasing his role as John Stewarts' Green Lantern while other have assumed he could be a villain.

According to The Rock at Cinema Con, via CBR, it appears he may not be the next Green Lantern.

“The first quality we were looking for was that he had to be extremely complex and have a lot going on,” he said. “What that does for me as an actor and the studio is it gives us space that we can explore; his complexities. 
“The other quality was that he had to – the character we were looking for had to be well-known but never brought to life. Then what that does again as an actor, it gives me a little bit of space, and we talked about personality. It just gives me a chance to put an imprint into his personality, with the set of tools that I could bring to the table and put a very unique twist on his personality, but still pay homage to who he is. 
“The third thing – and most important – is he had to be a badass motherf---er, OK, and on a Superman level of power, where [he] could throw down. In those three qualities, I’m happy we’ve found that character.”

There is a much stronger possibility that The Rock could be DC's super villain Darkseid. This is based on the part of his comment stating "we were looking for had to be well-known but never brought to life." And based on the fact The Rock and Warner/DC wanted someone who can throw down against Superman.

Not to mention if you want a villain who can be a legit player and face off against not only Superman (and Batman) but an entire Justice League team, then you need someone with an intimidating screen presence and the charisma to be feared by super heroes. The Rock has all that and then some.

Could The Rock be Darkseid or perhaps another DC villain? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below!