Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Editorial: Why Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Makes Sense if He's Going tobe John Stewarts' GREEN LANTERN

You may know him as The Rock and the man once known as the most electrifying athlete in sports entertainment is now a Hollywood franchise actor. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is already attached to the Fast and Furious franchise, the G.I. Joe franchise and now perhaps Warner Bros' DC movie universe franchise(s).

For some quick back story, in December The Rock teased he had a big meeting with Warner on something big for DC. He also took to social media, a few weeks prior, and posted a photo on his Twitter account with a tease that John Stewart can beat up Superman. John Stewart is one of many Green Lantern's in DC's comic book universe.

Editor UPDATE Note: There previously was a tweet from Johnson embedded here but that tweet tease by him has since been removed from this Twitter account. Hmm...

While Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern bombed at the box office in the worst way possible, last year's Man of Steel has paved the way for a new Warner Bros. and DC super hero movie universe. In order to build toward a Justice League ensemble film, Warner will need a new Green Lantern because, let's face this obvious fact, the studio wants to remove all thoughts of the Green Lantern film from fans' minds.

So how do they do this? They potentially pursue an actor who is now a franchise-leading actor like The Rock. Obviously he has the physique for the role but he has the charisma, comedic wit and on screen chops to make fans completely forget about Reynolds' portrayal of Hal Jordan's Green Lantern. This also allows Warner and DC to move confidently forward with a potential Green Lantern solo film starring The Rock's John Stewart Green Lantern, after a Justice League movie.

As of right now nothing is confirmed by Warner Bros., until it is The Rock's tease of John Stewart are to remain just a rumor. But if they become truth, then bravo to Warner for making a fantastic casting choice for John Stewarts' Green Lantern.