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Today has quickly turned into a day of Doctor Strange news and rumors. To quickly recap, last night it was reported that Marvel Studios really wanted Johnny Depp. Earlier yesterday, The Daily SuperHero's insider mentioned that Marvel has new names on their "want list" and Depp was one of those names. However, after waiting for further confirmation, another website opened Pandora's Box with the Depp news.

And that's fine. Sometimes sites just want to be first at posting something online but first is not always the best.

Today, my insider told me Marvel has interest in Depp, as most studios do, but Depp was on the fence about the long term commitment of Doctor Strange since he's already 50-years-old and part of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland franchises. Now Variety is corroborating my report about Depp not being up for the role stating he's too busy. Meanwhile, my same insider just told me Depp would want to know who the director is before being in any film.

Then, add in some interesting information from one of The Hollywood Reporter's writers, who took to Twitter about all this Doctor Strange news and rumors.

So there you have it. It sounds like Marvel would like to have Depp on board—again what studio wouldn't?!—but things are not lining up with the development of the film or the actor's busy schedule since he has Pirates and Alice sequels filming beforehand.