Friday, November 8, 2013

Exclusive: DAREDEVIL, LUKE CAGE, IRON FIST, JESSICA JONES All Have Superpowers to Keep Production Costs Low-ish

Marvel Entertainment dropped a bomb on its fans Thursday when announcing their partnership with Netflix to bring viewers four new series and a new mini-series to streaming video. Daredevil, Luke Cage (a.k.a. Powerman), Iron Fist and Jessica Jones will all get their own 13-episode series and then they will all come together in an ensemble team mini-series as a reimagined/adapted The Defenders mini-series event.

The solo series releasing on Netflix equals lots of binge viewing since all of the 13 episodes will release at the same time!

While you may be still picking up pieces of your brain from the floor after your head exploded from this announcement, The Daily SuperHero can empathize because I was in the corner in the fetal position drooling after my mind was blown from this news. Seriously though this news came out of left field and is simply awesome.

After this news hit, The Daily SuperHero was actually contacted by one of my Hollywood production insiders who also worked on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The insider said one of the most important things to note about all these series is the nature of the powers of each character. This should keep budgets down on each series, with the exception of perhaps The Defenders mini-series which may have a bit larger budget than the other four will.

"Daredevil has his enhanced sonar because he is blind and is also a martial artist. Iron Fist is a martial artist with a powerful punch. Cage has indestructible skin and superhuman strength. Jones has superhuman strength. The point being is the cost to display all these heroes' powers will be lower than many expect and this means keeping the production budgets low to be able to put together such an ambitious streaming series universe."

Solid point since there's no magic, armored suits or fantasy/space elements with any of these heroes' powers. Any of those types of powers can dramatically increase costs of any production via CG effects. These heroes are basically considered street heroes in New York City.

Being able to keep a moderately low—moderately meaning it won't be dirt cheap to make these new series but it probably won't cost as much as perhaps Marvel's Agent of SHIELD—sounds like a way Marvel is capable of putting this huge project into play with Netflix. Just as long as the production value isn't being skimped on but this is Marvel and they probably wouldn't be making any of these shows if they skimped on production value.

Nevertheless, it's going to be a busy 2014 for Marvel since they will have all four of these series in production along with Agents of SHIELD, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. If you're looking to get into a production job with Marvel, you should figure out how/where to apply now because these new series will open up plenty of new job opportunities.

Click right here to read the entire Marvel press release for their new Netflix series'.