Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Editorial: MARVEL Rumored to Retcon the MANDARIN; Why Fans Shouldn't Want This

Sometimes there are rumors not worthy of being written up and sometimes there are rumors that are. This new bit of potential information about Ben Kingsley's secret Marvel Studios project is a little of both.

According to the hit-and-miss scoop/rumor website Latino-Review—meaning they definitely hit on more casting scoops while their plot scoops have been many more misses—are claiming they have knowledge of Kingsley's next Marvel project which is a Mandarin One-Shot short film. Their claim extends to saying Marvel knows they screwed up and want to fix what they did with the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 since so many fans have had issues with it. (The Daily SuperHero is not one of those fans and thought the Mandarin twist was a witty and ballsy move by Marvel, along with being brilliantly played by Kingsley.) The rumor site goes on to say, in the One-Shot, another Mandarin will surface in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he is very angry that Kingsley's Trevor Slattery character was falsely portraying him in the media.

Now before you get too excited about this, it must be said that a full dump truck of salt is needed for this rumor for one reason and one reason alone. If this happens it could shine a really bad light on the creative brain trust of Marvel Studios.

Retconning (retroactive continuity) the Mandarin means Marvel Studios is acknowledging they messed up with the character and are not sticking to their "creative guns" with what they've done. Some critics could also see this as the possible beginning of the end of Marvel's domination in the box office if they have to start going back and fixing things in past movies, simply to better appease fans. This really does not make sense seeing as how Iron Man 3 was not a flop in ticket sales since it is the studios' second highest grossing film behind The Avengers.

Bottom line, and here comes some editorial opinion regardless if this rumor is true or false, Marvel should not do this for the fans as Latino-Review claims because that would mean fans are beginning to influence and are gaining more control over what Marvel's creative people do behind closed doors. Of course there's a fine line between creating something different from the comic universe and creating something fans will recognize and enjoy, but bringing in another Mandarin in this manner is more destructive to the studio than anything else.

If Marvel Studios is simply filming a One-Shot starring the drunk Trevor Slattery, then The Daily SuperHero is all about it! Kingsley's portrayal of the burnt out actor was one of the highlights of the Iron Man 3.

Finally—and here's The Daily SuperHero's pitch to Marvel for bringing back the villain—if the studio wants to bring back the Mandarin it makes so much more sense to introduce and adapt the villain into a Doctor Strange movie since both characters deal with magical powers. This way they are not retconning what was done in Iron Man 3, which would pretty much make parts of Iron Man 3's plot irrelevant already.

UPDATE: Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce responded to the Mandarin retcon rumor via social media.

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