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A week or so ago, Ant-Man writer/director Edgar Wright announced on social media that he had started working on pre-production. Early next year Avengers: Age of Ultron begins principle photography and full production in London, and later next year Ant-Man will do the same while filming locations are still unknown for Ant-Man.

Last week the first real Ant-Man casting news broke saying Marvel is considering either actor Paul Rudd or Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or maybe one unknown actor to be named later) as the lead in the film. Meanwhile, The Daily SuperHero published a theory stating both actors could be in play to be in Ant-Man as Dr. Hank Pym and Scott Lang. (See related story link below.)

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Now, in an interview with IGN, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has seemingly confirmed Ant-Man being a "heist" movie. If you're not familiar with some of Ant-Man's history, Lang steals Pym's Ant-Man suit in order to get money so Lang can pay for the medical expenses of his ill daughter. A nice notion, for sure, but with bad implications as well.

Definitely sounds like a "heist," doesn't it? Stay tuned as more Ant-Man information is now being released since it is officially in the pre-production stage.

Ant-Man comes out in theaters on July 31, 2015.