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When Marvel Studios released their second trailer for this November's Thor: The Dark World a few weeks back, it was the punch that everyone was talking about for days later. The punch Natalie Portman's Jane Foster lets fly right onto the face of Tom Hiddleston's Loki.

"That was for New York," Foster said.

"I like her," Loki responds, with a devilish smile.

Portman spoke with the website Static Multimedia and at one point during the interview she talked about punching Loki.

"When Jane slapped Loki, was it a real slap? If so, how far did Tom Hiddleston want you to slap him? 
"[Portman:] It was actually a punch. We did a few that were fake, but they could tell because I am just bad at that [laughs]. So there were a few real ones because they were like, 'you are just a little girl, you really can’t hurt him.' So I don’t know, he acted like he could handle it, but I think I actually hurt him."

Maybe that's why Loki looks legitimately shocked after she hit him in that scene because he was actually shocked at how hard she hit him. Whatever it takes to make it realistic and believable. That's the job of an actor.

Click right here to read the entire interview with Portman.