TRANSFORMERS 4 Set Photos Reveal a Pipe-Smoking Robot Head With a Beard

Transformers 4 is currently filming in Detroit near Grand Circus Park. As director Michael Bay does best, there are plenty of explosions, car crashes and people running for their lives too.

After a set photo was posted online of actor Mark Wahlberg wearing what appears to be the Star Saber, now there is another reveal from a set photo. This time it is an image of what appears to be a robot head on top of a giant wooden stick. Reason this is done is to give actors a line-of-sight for where to look a Transformer in the eyes.

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The robot head appears to have a beard and is smoking a pipe as well. Who this robot head belongs to is unknown but several fans think it could be Hound. A Transformer with a beard is no surprise since Jetfire had one in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. See the set photos for yourself.

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