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"There's magic and there's science, and I come from a land where they're one and the same."

This is the quote from Thor which really made Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor's eyes light up and become interested in helming the sequel. He even said it was, "One of my favorite lines in the first movie..."

While speaking with DesdeHollywood (via io9), Taylor spoke about how he was excited to work with blending science and magic in Thor: The Dark World.

"It's a great way of [explaining] that challenge [of balancing science fiction]. And it means the movie lives in a kind of middle ground—we have spaceships, we have laser guns, we have interplanetary travel. We also have horses, swords, and castles. If you get that wrong the whole falls apart and you laugh. If you get it right, it has the power of both and becomes unique in a way. I'm thinking we got it right, I'm hoping we got it right. But there are moments when there's a guy with a sword fighting a guy with a laser rifle and you think 'is this really gonna make sense; can these things really be in the same movie together. And I think there's a trick to it."

Based on the first two trailers for Thor 2, it looks like Taylor did get it right since the sequel looks to be both on a bigger scale and will have more action than the origin film. Thor: The Dark World releases on November 8, 2013 and in IMAX 3D theaters starting on October 30, 2013.