Tuesday, August 27, 2013

JAME BOND 24 to Maintain a Serious Tone With Classic Irony Instead of Humor

The James Bond franchise has been around for decades yet some of the younger fans may not be familiar with the older movies which had some fun and humor mixed in with all the action. After Skyfall broke franchise records and become the top grossing Bond film ever, it also ended in a way that reboots the franchise to potentially explore old school elements from the earlier days of the franchise.

Actor Daniel Craig is easily the most action packed Bond portrayal in the franchise but he isn't the kind of actor who has been able to pull off comedy elements that actors like Sean Connery or Roger Moore were able to do before him. In an interview with Vulture.com, Craig spoke about the next Bond film and his lack of humor chops as an actor.

“Hopefully we’ll reclaim some of the old irony and make sure it doesn’t become pastiche. I can’t do shtick, I’m not very good at it. Unless it kind of suddenly makes sense. Does that make sense? I sometimes wish I hammed it up more, but I just can’t do it very well, so I don’t do it.”

While Bond 24 looks to continue to build on the tremendous amount of success Skyfall produced with its $1.1 billion worldwide take, except some older Bond movie influence in it. But fans who are still looking for a little bit of the classic Bond humor need to be patient a little while longer since Craig is still signed on for one more Bond movie after Bond 24.

James Bond 24 has a released date set for November 6, 2015.