Is an X-MEN and FANTASTIC FOUR Crossover Movie Coming? Bryan Singer Says He's Planning a 'Marvel Mash-Up'

Director Bryan Singer is a busy man. Currently he's finishing up filming X-Men Days of Future Past in Montreal, but in a recent interview he sounds like he's thinking about his next big movie project. And it could be really big.

Singer was at The Fantasia International Film Festival and, according to Empire Online, the director hinted at his next big movie, and it's sounding like it will be another Marvel movie.

Empire reported:

"Singer has plans for another Marvel movie, which he won't go into other than to call it a Marvel Universe 'mash-up'..."

You're probably thinking about what this means right now. So let's speculate in saying that Singer could be in the early planning stages to helm a giant Fox crossover movie for the studios' Marvel franchises.

With Singer's own X-Men Days of Future Past coming out in May 2014 and director Josh Trank's The Fantastic Four about to begin production in a few months for its March 2015 release, there's a solid chance Singer could be doing a crossover movie with both the X-Men and Fantastic Four. ('Mash-up' could be Singer's code word for a crossover movie in order to keep fans and the media guessing.)

Again, this is speculation but when you consider that Fox's Marvel universe consultant Mark Millar has hinted about the possibility of a crossover movie, in the past, it should make any fan think really hard about the fact it could happen. Plus, it has been reported in the past that Fox's X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises will share the same movie universe.

Singer definitely has experience with large ensemble casts...

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