Hasbro Press Pics of Wave 2 of the AVENGERS ASSEMBLE Articulated Action Figure Line

Back during the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, The Daily SuperHero confirmed (via Hasbro's reps) that the 3 3/4 inch Marvel Universe toy line will be phased into a new branding, in 2014, as the Avengers Assemble figure line. Wave 1 is starting to hit store shelves right now and includes Red Skull, Black Widow, Falcon, Captain America and Iron Man.

Wave 2 is set to come to stores sometime in October and includes The Leader, Thor, Hawkeye and Nick Fury. Previously only seen in Hasbro's booth at SDCC in July, Hasbro has now released official photos of the wave 2 figures in the Avengers Assemble articulated line.

Check out Hasbro's press release photos below and you can pre-order a box of these wave 2 figures over on Entertainment Earth, by clicking right here to go there.