Tuesday, August 6, 2013

CAPTAIN AMERICA 2: Actor Sebastian Stan Hints at Winter Soldier Set-Up Tease in First Movie's Resuce Scene

Captain America: The Winter Soldier actors have been giving out hints and teases about next year's movie. Even the Winter Soldier himself, actor Sebastian Stan, is hinting at things about his villain character in the Cap sequel.

SPOILER ALERT! If you really don't know the "character twist" in Captain America: The Winter Soldier's title, then stop reading now because comic fans already know who the Winter Solider is and it is discussed in detail below.

Stan has told Empire Online that fans need to pause Captain America: The First Avenger during the scene when Cap rescues Bucky and that there's very a subtle hint in that sequence. (You can see a clip of this scene below.) After viewing that scene five times in a row, it is quite obvious Armin Zola was performing experiments on Cap's buddy since he was strapped to a table and Zola runs out of the room at the beginning of this scene. Bucky is also really out of it in this scene like he was being tortured and/or experimented on.

When looking at items in the background, it appears there are similar injection-looking devices hanging over the table Bucky was laying on. This brings up the assumption Zola has begun some experimental "prep work" on Bucky and perhaps a form a serum has been injected into him already. Once Bucky falls off the train, later in the movie, the "prep work" Zola has done could help in Bucky's survival. Then Zola, or maybe Red Skull since Zola is captured at the end of the train scene, somehow locates Cap's buddy and continues experiments which leads to Bucky becoming the title villain in the sequel.

Since The Daily SuperHero was on location in Cleveland watching, and reporting on, many of the filming sequences everyday, it can be said that it looks like the Winter Soldier will be empowered by some form of a super solider serum. This is the only way to explain how the Winter Soldier is able to jump down from an approximate 40-foot highway overpass and down to the city street without breaking his legs (as seen in the above image on location photo).

It is safe to speculate that the Winter Soldier is definitely stronger than his comic book version in the sequel. Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases in theaters on April 4, 2014.

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