Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 2:20 PM | Labeled as , ,

Thor: The Dark World has gone back to doing some reshoots, while Captain America: The Winter Soldier is pretty much wrapped and moving into post-production.

Before Comic-Con, one of The Daily SuperHero's on-set spies for the Captain America sequel sent a message saying that something strange was happening on set. It was mentioned that several crew members were talking about how they had to film something quick with Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

No further details were provided besides the fact the hammer is involved which leads The Daily SuperHero to believe one of two things. Is some kind of Thor cameo in Captain America 2? Or is there some kind of Captain America tease for Thor: The Dark World, with a Mjolnir?

Either way, stay tuned as it sounds like a potential Easter Egg was filmed last week.

UPDATE: Word on the street is there is a mid credits and post credits scenes in Thor: The Dark World. Could Mjolnir being on set of Cap 2 be part of the end credits scene to Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Sounds like it could be.

UPDATE PART 2: No there is not a post credits scene in Thor 2 for Captain America 2. So why was Mjolnir on the Cap 2 set, if the source is accurate?