Saturday, July 13, 2013

Opinion: Idris Elba Really Wants to Play a Leading Superhero Role, How About CYBORG?

Pacific Rim, Prometheus and Thor actor Idris Elba has been vocal about his desire to play a leading comic book hero. He plays a supporting one in the Thor franchise, as Heimdall, but that role doesn't seem like it is big enough for the rising star.

During his current press tour to promote Pacific Rim, IGN asked Elba about playing a bigger role in the superhero movie genre.

“I’d like to play a real one, you know, one who gets to do some real superhero work, but we’ll see.”

Since Elba is under contract with Marvel Studios, his want for a leading superhero role could pose a problem. Marvel might have language in the contract saying he cannot play a DC hero. Or maybe that language is not included in Elba's contract since he only plays a supporting role in the Thor franchise. (This paragraph was speculation by the way.)

So how about Elba as Cyborg? S.T.A.R. Labs was already teased in Man of Steel so including Cyborg in the new DC movie universe could make sense as both a solo movie and perhaps joining up in a Justice League movie too.

Just an opinion, but Elba's dreams of being a leading superhero may lie with DC Entertainment. It's probably unlikely for Marvel Studios to cast him as a leading character in their own movie universe—like Black Panther or someone else—since he's already established as Heimdall.

Quick side note: Doesn't he even look Cyborg-like in the above image from Pacific Rim where he's wearing a Jeager pilot suit? Yes. Yes he does. 

Whether any of this is considered too much of a conflict of interest is to be determined within Elba's contract with Marvel. It's a hypothetical, regardless, so what do you think? Comment over on The Daily SuperHero's Facebook page for this post by clicking right here.

Oh... and an honorable mention would definitely be as John Stewart/Green Lantern which is the perfect way to reboot the character into the new DC movie universe.