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As Marvel Studios continues to build their MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fans have been creating movie posters, teaser trailers and many other creative things in preparation for Marvel's future films.

But one website has taken the fan-made concept to a whole different level of awesome. Welcome to the tabloid world of the MCU, called MediAvengers. The website is dedicated to all the 'between-the-lines' happenings in the MCU from a real world perspective of newspaper headlines, tabloid magazines and more.

Who is Black Widow dating? What did the newspaper headline in Germany look like after Loki caused chaos in The Avengers? Who is the guy Tony Stark was seen being buddy-buddy with after The Battle of New York?

All this and more is available over on MediAvengers. You can go to their website by clicking right here but first, check out a few of The Daily SuperHero's favorite fan-made pieces below.