Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is an X-FORCE Movie in Development at Fox?!?

Stop the press! It has now been discovered that 20th Century Fox has registered for the website domain name '' and it actually took until now for anyone to notice. ( is the site who found this info first.)

According to the domain look up website, WhoIs, Fox registered for the X-Force domain back in April of this year, for only one year. Since the domain is set to expire in April 2014, it appears that Fox is either a.) thinking about developing an X-Force movie or b.) already has contracted writers to develop a treatment or script for a potential film.

An X-Force movie makes sense in Fox moving forward with their Marvel "X" movie rights of all of Marvel's mutant hero teams that are related to any "X team." And this new information should get fans thinking too.

Now the theory needs to be put forward saying an X-Force tease (or Easter Egg) could be included in either/or The Wolverine or X-Men Days of Future Past to begin the process of hyping up a possible X-Force movie. Plus, don't forget to look for hopeful Fantastic Four Easter Egg in either/or both upcoming mutant films as well since it's already been green lit by Fox.

The fact still remains Fox has only registered the domain for one year which could be a telling sign that Fox is still not sold on the idea of an X-Force movie. If they were about to green light an X-Force movie, they would've bought the domain name for longer (truth). But if they are thinking about introducing Cable into their movie universe, they'll get a huge backing by large fan base of the time traveling mutant from the future.

Definitely stay tuned and more info about an X-Force movie is sure to start hitting news wires and the rumor mill now that the cat if out of the bag.