Monday, July 8, 2013

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Villains Rumored to be Revealed and SDCC Should Give Final Clarity on This Topic

Guardians of the Galaxy is over in the U.K. for sound stage filming at Shepperton Studios. Since most of the the film is said to be shot behind closed doors and not in real-life, practical locations; it'll be difficult to get many leaked set photos or scene descriptions from any fan onlookers during filming.

But this doesn't mean information won't be available for Marvel's big space movie. In fact, the website Den of Geek (via CBM) has provided rumored information saying they know who the villains are and who is playing them too.

No SPOILER ALERT needed since this info has not been confirmed by Marvel Studios (maybe they will do it at SDCC).

According to the site, actor Benicio Del Toro is indeed playing The Collector. While actor Lee Pace is going to be Ronan The Accuser and Karen Gillan is the space pirate Nebula—who claims to be Thanos' daughter in the comic universe. The past few weeks, rumors have been bouncing around about who these actors are portraying in Guardians of the Galaxy and this is just the next round of "I think he/she is playing so-and-so Marvel character."

With the 2013 San Diego Comic Con right around the corner, there is a good chance this could be each actor's role in Guardians. However, and at the moment, take it with a tiny grain of salt until Marvel Studios' panel at SDCC where, if these roles are true, fans may get an official announcement of who the villains really are in next summer's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Stay tuned...

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