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While X-Men Days of Future Past continues to film in Montreal, there are many public set locations where fans are witnessing the production and are free to take set photos.

However, Fox's promotional website for the film at Trask-Industries.com posted the first images of Sentinels on set of the new X-Men movie.

But without further delay, check it out below!

UPDATE: Here's another look at a Sentinel production facility in the new film.

Details from the Trask Industries website confirm these images are from the first 70s version of a Sentinel and it is referred to as a Mark I model (how not original, right?). Next up... show fans what the futuristic version of the Sentinel program looks like in the future timeline please.

And here's a look at actor Peter Dinklage as Bolliver Trask hard at work at Trask Industries (via the Trask website as well).

Finally, here's a timeline for Trask Industries and it's creation of the Sentinel program in 1973 and ending with the introduction of the Sentinel Mark X program in 2020.

Check out all this info and more over on Trask-Industries.com.

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