Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DEADPOOL Movie Rumor: Fox Will Green Light it as a "Hard PG-13" Immediately if Helmers Are On Board

As the 2013 San Diego Comic Con get closer and closer, more rumors are being heard about a possibly Deadpool movie.

As of right now, fans know Fox is on the fence when it comes to giving a Deadpool movie a green light with such a "hard R-rated" script. In lieu of this, actor Ryan Reynolds has been vocal about his reprisal of the role and has shared hints of what is going on with the development of the hopeful movie. Even test footage of the hyper-violence and humor was filmed months ago and it doesn't seem to have given Fox the confidence it needs to give the production the go ahead.

One of The Daily SuperHero's insiders, who is closely connected to the script writing community, says that right now Fox will "bend a little bit" and will green light the film if the helmers of the movie would consider script edits for a "hard PG-13" rating over an R-rating. So far, Fox has stood its ground wanted a PG-13 rating while the writers, director and Reynolds are all holding strong for an R-rating.

This should be no surprise since a PG-13 movie has a wider audience with the potential to make more money in the box office. And when it comes to Hollywood movies, it's all about making money. (Ask Disney how they feel about this after The Lone Ranger failed to impress in the box office in it's opening weekend... oops.)

The current stand-off between Fox and the Deadpool movie helmers is nothing but a bad thing. Deadpool's popularity is clearly increasing everyday and if the source is correct, maybe a "hard PG-13" should be considered just to be able to get the production rolling on Deadpool.

It's only a matter of time until one side or the other breaks their respective stance on the film's rating, or the movie just gets scraped. The waiting game continues and maybe, just maybe, Fox will surprise everyone during their San Diego Comic Con panel. At the time of this column being published, Fox's panel is the only panel left that is still listed as being 'to be determined.'

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