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While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is still filming in New York there are still many questions surrounding the movie. What will Electro and Rhino look like? Is Gwen Stacey going to die like in the comics?

But the biggest question that remains completely unanswered is... who is Felicity Jones playing in the sequel? Even if you go to IMDb.com there is nothing listed next to her name on the cast list page.

Now the website FlicksAndTheCity.com has posted a video interview with the female actor and directly asks the question about being the Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) in the Spidey sequel. Her response is intriguing to say, at the least. Watch her response which starts a :58 in the below video.

"Um, well, uhhh... possibly. I don't know, yeah. I kind of, it's umm...yeah, if that happens, that would be wonderful, yeah."

Her look up and to the side says she was not expecting such a direct question about possibly being the Black Cat. Not to mention all the 'ums' and 'uhs' as well. So if that's not an admittance to her being the Black Cat in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, without saying it outright, then what is?

The Daily SuperHero says she totally admitted it.

(Transcribed via CBM, YouTube source)