Monday, June 17, 2013 at 1:07 PM | Labeled as

Two weeks ago reports of how the Fantastic Four reboot was delaying its filming schedule from mid-June to mid-July were reported by The Daily SuperHero. Now, things might be getting troublesome with the production.

According to, Fox is now scouting locations in Louisiana to completely move the production from Vancouver to the southern state. If this is really the case then look for the production to get started no sooner than early fall. But this could also be some form of miscommunication saying they are also scouting another location to film at. Unfortunately, the latter was not made clear by Film Thrasher since they have only reported a complete move of the production.

This adds to the fact that The Daily SuperHero has been told the script isn't even finalized yet. It can be deduced that because of the delays in finalizing the script, it has led to needing a new city to film at. The dates previously set for the reboot in Vancouver are now getting pushed back and a city government can only accommodate road closures and dates for set locations so much when deadlines cannot be reached due to delays. Also, do not expect any casting announcements any time soon either.

Should fans be worried? Not yet. With a release date set for March 6, 2015, there's still plenty of time for the Fantastic Four reboot to get it's filming schedule started.

UPDATE: The Wrap is reporting this is a done deal and the FF reboot is moving production to Louisiana to take advantage of tax breaks.