Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DOCTOR STRANGE Has More Than One Script Since Development is anAmalgamation Process

Does anybody remember hearing this much about a potential movie character before it was officially green lit or even had a release date? Well, that's how it is with Marvel's Doctor Strange movie prior to next month's 2013 San Diego Comic Con.

So far we've heard claims of heroes and villains who might be in the film, a plot layout for the movie's Act I and other rumors. But The Daily SuperHero has confirmed not only an announcement about the Master of the Mystic Arts at SDCC 2013 but that Marvel sees Doctor Strange (as of right now) as their new star franchise in Phase 3 and beyond.

Now to clear the air once again, it needs to be said that what is being reported about the potential plot and script now is not what will be in the movie when it finally hits theaters. Some of it might make it into the final draft but not all of it.

According to The Daily SuperHero's insider for the Doctor's movie, who has intimate knowledge of the movie's development, there are multiple scripts for Doctor Strange right now. Specifically, it was said there's an amalgamation process occurring right now which will lead into the creation of the Doctor's final script.

To clarify, it was told to The Daily SuperHero that Marvel Studios contracted multiple screenwriters to draft a treatment (or script) for the good Doctor. Once those contracts were fulfilled, Marvel will then take concepts they like from each and move on to the final drafting of the script. The source says Marvel is starting the final script writing process right now which will be a little of this script, a little of that screenplay and a dash of another treatment.

In other words, take everything you've heard about Doctor Strange characters and plot rumors with a huge grain of salt. Right now other online sources are taking information that may be provided to them from one version of one of the multiple scripts and running with it like it's the final script. Sadly, it's not the final script since Marvel is just starting that process now.

Are the other websites correct about their claims/rumors? Perhaps, but it's doubtful that they've seen all of the many versions of the scripts Marvel contracted out to different writers. So not to be the debunker here, and with all due respect to other writers' sources, but based on what The Daily SuperHero was told it's looking a bit that way. Just reporting information that is said. That's all.