Monday, May 13, 2013

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: Are Extras Being Disrespected on Set? Probably Not

Spider-Man and Marvel fans please take a moment to listen to another fan because it sounds like an extra for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 might have been allegedly disrespected on its set in Rochester, New York.

Here's the quick version of an extras story, according to a local report by News10NBC.

“If we wanted to use the bathroom, we weren't allowed to. From getting yelled at, cursed at, to getting in my face. That's when I said, I just can't,” Janice Cartegena told the news station. “I just thought that as an extra at least we would be given water or at least something to eat to get through the day.

“I said listen, I've had nothing to drink. My feet are killing me. They are burning. You don't want to let us use the bathroom. You don't want us to have anything to drink because it's for the crew, not for us. I feel that I had a really bad experience being an extra. So at this point, I don't think I would ever want to be in anything like that again ever,” Cartegena said.

Cartegena, who was once thrilled about getting a phone call to be an extra on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, was no longer happy with her Hollywood experience. The production company has sent her a very short apology saying, “I'm sorry about your horrible experience. Production is not for everybody.”

Wow, what a cold response by the production company. But there are still two sides to every story and without hearing the production company's side of it, it's hard to put judgement one way or the other. Perhaps she really wasn't cut out to be an extra. Or maybe she is just an alleged drama queen.

Let's go with the latter seeing as how it is very rare to hear reports like this from the set of a major motion picture production. That is unless the production company failed to clean it up in advance.

No matter how you personally perceive this unique situation told above, the bottom line is that the movie business is seriously not for everyone with all 12-plus hour days of working and having minimal time off until the production is wrapped. So yeah, it was probably the latter but even she is entitled to her opinion on the way she was allegedly disrespected.

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