Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ghostbusters 3 delayed due to Sony's financial woes

In a sea of recent Star Wars theft buyout news, Disney has once again confirmed to the world they are not poor. This is the complete opposite of Sony which is in the midst of financial chaos to the point where they are considering selling off part of the company that making movies.

Because of Sony's financial stress, Ghostbusters 3 has been delayed after just being confirmed to start shooting in summer 2013.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

"Any decision on Ghostbusters III, the long-, long-gestating sequel, has been postponed until the end of March -- this after Men in Black 3 writer Etan Cohen was paid a huge sum for a script. Shooting was to begin next summer but now couldn’t start before fall at the earliest."

In this Hollywood Reporter story, it also states the Sony is not interested in selling off their studio(s) but that will be said when a company is financially struggling. Stay tuned as this story looks to have some legs and will be watched closely because Sony does hold movie rights to franchises like the Ghostbusters and Spider-Man.

Maybe Disney should give Sony a call since they are in the business of buying up franchises and they would love to bring Spidey back home to Marvel, and a new Ghostbusters might actually get done with the mouse as an executive producer.

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