Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Script Still in Development, Per Captain Barbossa

To some fans the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has nothing to do with superheroes while these characters are considered by many to be heroes, which is why we report on the franchise and the development of the fifth film.

According to actor Geoffrey Rush (Captain Hector Barbossa) in an interview with Collider, a script is still in the works—which is different than what was heard from Johnny Depp back in March—but a lot of time and care are put into the franchise. Especially since a ton of money is investing into each production by Disney.

"... I believe, in the script that’s being developed for the fifth film, they do it with great care and consideration. The writers and Jerry Bruckheimer, as producer, can’t start a film like this, with a creative team that’s so huge and the amount of money that’s involved, without knowing that the script is in good shape. You can’t start shooting this sort of stuff, if there’s holes in it. But, as to when it will go, I know nothing."

This is probably the most information about Pirates 5 heard in months and you can bet production of this potential movie is at least a year away from starting too.

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